BIM Show Live 2014 and beyond…


In 2013 I represented AluK GB Ltd at the BIM Show Live, we had an exhibition stand some Revit content for our window, door and curtain wall systems, what little knowledge I had picked up along the way and a Wookiee.  I met people for the first time who asked difficult questions that I couldn’t answer and then preceded to tell me lots of things that I didn’t understand.

I returned in 2014 as part of a BIM team, between us we brought knowledge and skills that a year before seemed a long way off (unfortunately the Wookiee couldn’t make it), this time there was as much emphasis on learning at the classes as there was getting our brand into the BIM community.  All those people that I met the year before I now consider friends and I even understand a little of what they are talking about, quite a turnaround in just 12 months.


For me 2014 was a great event I was lucky enough to be asked to give a presentation and hope to do this more often in the future.  There is a certain amount of preaching to the converted at The BIM Show and I would like to see some kind of roadshow events throughout the year to get, what is a really important message, to the masses.

I didn’t get the same WOW feeling that I had in 2013 but I think this may be due to having become a bit desensitised to some of the amazing technology and projects that are now commonplace in the industry and not just the BIM world.  What I did get was a real sense that despite there being lots of conversations focusing on all the different aspects of BIM everyone regardless of their opinion and point of view were incredibly well informed, the amount of #BIMwash was minimal.

I couldn’t really write about the Show without mentioning the controversial ‘#UKBIMcrew is a clique’ comment getting a mention.  My views are this, it might seem a bit cliquey (because of how friendly people who use the # are), some people like being part of a group some people don’t, it is a great resource and way of knowledge sharing and if you give it a chance you will reap the benefits #thatisall.


So what is the next step in the revolution, well I’ve registered my interest for 2015 and will be participating in as many other BIM events as I can in the meantime. Some of the things that I think we will need for next year given it will no doubt be bigger and better.

  • A more open format to the exhibition, lets get as may people through the door and having conversations as possible
  • To make it more cost effective for the attendees classes could be pay as you go, I have no doubt they would be just as popular as they were this year
  • Client/Contractor workshops where companies could bring members of their supply chain along to use and abuse the mass of knowledge and experience that congregates at the show
  • BIM does not exist in isolation and more involvement of those preaching Government Soft Landings and Procurement Strategy would be of benefit
  • A wider range of technical presentation especially from manufacturers and specialist sub-contractors, maybe steamed live for those not able to attend

What is essential not just for the future success of BIM but the success of humankind is that we continue to develop our technology and the way we work.  The issues of population increase and climate change cannot be resolved at the current pace of change. The way the construction industry is designing internal and external spaces and smart buildings we will have a huge part to play in providing a world where everyone can live safely and healthily.  However the rate of development that is required needs people to share ideas and information on a much larger even corporate scale, it was evident from this year that individuals are ready and willing to provide open source data, lets hope at BIM Show Live 2015 we see this in action across the industry.



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