AluK (GB) Ltd and BIM – What’s all the fuss about?

After a good start to my blogging career those of you paying attention will have noticed a recent absence.  Well I haven’t been on a month’s holiday in the Seychelles (more’s the pity) but I do have my excuses prepared.

Firstly work has been extremely busy of late and secondly it has been busy because of two developments that I didn’t want to accidentally let slip before the time was right.  So I erred on the side of caution and said nothing rather than putting my foot it in, believe me this has happened more than once before.

The first big bit of news is that after the acquisition of Blyweert Beaufort Aluminium Limited last year by a Global Building Systems Group we have re-branded in line with businesses in the Middle East, Asia and Europe to become AluK (GB) Limited.  This is not just a new name but a new era for our business within the aluminium façade solutions industry. Check out our new website for more details of our systems and follow us on twitter @AluK_GB.

 AluK Logo

The new brand will allow us to launch a whole range of new products into the commercial market over the coming months but with all this change we have not lost sight of our core business.  The Beaufort brand that has been built up over the last 18 years is well known and respected within the residential market as a marker for quality, high performing window and door systems.  As such the Beaufort by AluK range of systems will be available and will remain unchanged in terms of systems, service and the quality our customers have come to know and love.  As well as promoting AluK we are investing heavily in marketing for the residential end user to the benefit of our retail and domestic customers, rest assured you’ll be seeing plenty in the trade press over coming months.

Beaufort Logo

As AluK we offer all the systems that were available as Blyweert Beaufort and are continuing with developing these systems.  Most recently we have launched a thermally broken high traffic commercial door tested to PAS24 and LPS1175 SR2 for Secured By Design compliance with an electric and manual locking option.  Also this month we have updated our vent profiles with an option matching the crittall window style opener as well as a more commercial style, all of these offer excellent u-values and are tested to SBD standards.  I will detail the full product development list for 2013 in a future post.


The second piece of news is equally exciting and for me in particular, you will remember from previous blogs that we have started on our BIM journey with Revit families of our products hosted on BIM Store.  Well we have taken the next step and it’s a big one, I am being trained up to use Revit and we will be offering assistance with BIM modelling as part of architectural specification duties.  This will allow us to not only provide our systems to insert into BIM models but offer the expertise of how to get the most out of them.  By having knowledge of how to form facets and best use of corner mullion details, sloped glazing and inserting window and door components we can really help with the development of bespoke details at an early stage of the design.

 Revit Screen Shot

Along with offering help to architects, developers, consultants and main contractors our ability to develop BIM compliant design will really help our fabricator/installers to get involved in what is an ever growing share of the market.  The investment is long term and as it develops I will keep you up to speed.  Initially we will have Revit expertise, a BIM CPD presentation, and project specific components.  Moving forward our knowledge will spread into Inventor models for fabrication and linking our parametrics to analytical software.  The long term goals are an entire team of BIM experts, a fancy London office and World domination, but that probably won’t be until next year!

Website Screen Shot

Before we can become the next Apple or North Korea we are exhibiting at BIM Show Live 2013 at the end of April, it promises to be a cracking couple of days and I can’t wait.  As well as all the usual product information and demonstrations we have a few surprises up our sleeve so watch this space!


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