How a foot can make you think!

How easy it is to forget the simple lessons that everyone should know when the pace of everyday life doesn’t give you time to reflect.

For the first time ever this week I visited a medical professional without being completely incapacitated, like most men physical injuries only require treatment if something has fallen off or got caught in farm machinery.  So when I visited the chiropodist this week because of a corn on my foot I did feel like a bit of a woos.  It had been painful when running for a couple of weeks and then I was noticing it when in my normal shoes.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a lot of training to get through before my iron distance triathlon in September I would never have bothered getting it looked at.

What I found out when I did go was that my chiropodist has magic in her hands, 10 minutes in the chair and I walked out with no pain and soft feet smelling of peppermint.  Since then 10k in the legs and no issues and some great advice on why the problem occurred and how to prevent it flaring up again.  I was lucky enough to get a real expert looking after me, and it might only be a bit of hard skin on the foot but to be able to put across the information and instill confidence is worth its weight in gold.

This little event got me thinking about all the other things that carry on regardless and potentially could be made to work a lot better with just a bit of planning.  The lesson about prevention being better than cure is not a new one to me but again when you are busy dealing with everyday tasks things can get forgotten.  It really reinforced to me the importance of always being willing to learn even if it’s something that you used to know and have since forgotten.

So the moral of my foot related story is this ‘take time to plan what you are doing next month not just the next phone call’.  If it is a visit to the doctor to sort out an injury then that is an easy fix.  If however you apply the principle to bringing up your kids, your career strategy or designing and constructing a building then the whole process becomes more complex.  What is required is time to reflect and properly plan what you are doing short and long term, and is easier said than done.

If any once can come up with squeezing a few more hours into the day please let me know.

I know this isn’t a particularly informative or well structured blog but it’s been a busy week and I didn’t have much time to plan it!


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