The BIM train is coming have you got your ticket?

You may already have heard via twitter or our sales team (Father Jack, Paris, Rylan, Towie and me) but for those that don’t know our aluminium curtain wall, window and door systems have Revit BIM components ready to download from BIM Store

To continue the railway analogy BIM is a bit like HS2 it is a massive project that is coming whether you like it or not.  However unlike HS2 BIM will be controlled and created by thousands of committed individuals with a vested interest in it succeeding, which is why it WILL work.

This is great news for our business and since I found out that the process of creating the BIM components had begun I have been chomping at the bit to see the finished article and tell everyone about it.  I must say a massive thank you to our friends at BIM Store, since  commissioning them to create our products in BIM they have been extremely professional and done it in what I think is a quite incredible time frame.  Especially when you consider they also spend a fair bit of time creating X-Wing Starfighters and other Star Wars related craft!


I’m sure you have all heard of BIM but for those that haven’t come across it, don’t worry you will very soon, it stands for Building Information Modelling follow the link for a Wiki explanation  As is so often the case with forward thinking and technological solutions the UK is leading the way in BIM development, not only because of the governments commitment to use BIM but also an understanding of its advantages from the construction industry.  It really is refreshing to hear a complex and costly process being embraced by all players within the design and construction industry.  Everyone really seems to have grasped that a bit of work up front will reap so many benefits in the long run.

These benefits will not only be financial but also environmental, working with aluminium systems means that I am constantly boring people with facts about how sustainable a material aluminium is and how compared to other glazing system materials its green credentials are second to none.  75% of aluminium used is from recycled products, 95% of aluminium ore mines are returned to their natural habitat, 70% of energy used in electrolysis of aluminium ore is from renewable source power stations, 100% of aluminium can be recycled an infinite number of times while maintaining its properties.  See I have bored you already in just a few lines.  The thing that excites me most is that we can now specify our sustainable aluminium glazing systems into a BIM project where we know that the building will perform as efficiently and with as little impact on the environment as possible.  Luckily all this can be done without compromising on aesthetics and design, so we can still all live in attractive and functional environments.

BIM Store

If I am being honest I am also extremely excited as we are the first systems company with a full range of BIM components available for Revit download.  The competitor in me always likes to be the first do something, I don’t want to be Lance Armstrong competitive but it’s always good to get one over on your competition.

BIM might have been around for a while now but in terms of what it can achieve, for many businesses, it is still in its infancy.  Now that I have seen the beginnings of what is possible it is clear there is real opportunity to expand on simply creating BIM product components.  A number of market sectors and the current economic climate means that creating standardised solution components will go even further to helping make buildings more efficient, we will be working on this over the coming weeks, more opportunity to get one over on the slow coaches and knuckle draggers!

We have a 15 minute presentation to help inform architects, main contractors and fabricator/installers about what we have done and how it can assist with the design process.  To keep in touch with what is going on follow @BlyweertUk and @BIMstore on twitter or check our website for more information


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