Virgin blogger losing his cherry

Hello and thanks for taking time to click on my blog.

Despite being quite up with other forms of social media I was always someone that thought blogging was for creative types that live in loft apartments in New York.  Well as it turns out and not for the first time I was wrong, and it seems blogging can be an essential part of building a career both online and off.

So I’ve done the research and after umming and arring I thought it best to get stuck in and have a go. Mainly my blogs will be about issues that occur with my work as well as my other interests and will include:-

  • Aluminium curtain wall and facade systems
  • Integration of glazing systems with BIM
  • Rugby…playing, watching and the accompanying refreshments
  • Marketing, time management and how to use your skills effectively
  • Training for and iron distance triathlon (yes I am that stupid)

Once I’ve got your attention no doubt some of my annoyances will start to become apparent such as why do SOME architects provide very sparse details of glazed facades and then refuse to accept the experts opinion of what is suitable, why do SOME system companies think that specification is the end of their job and not provide the technical back up to their fabricators and why do SOME fabricator/installers ignore the manufacturers details in pursuit of cutting costs.  I’ve worked in many different roles and can understand that it is hardly ever a one sided argument when things don’t go smoothly.

Thankfully I come across a lot of companies and individuals in the industry that really know their subject and create some impressive products and installations.  These can easily go unreported and I’m looking forward to publicising the many things that our industry does well.

I’m new to this and as with everything in life you learn by doing it, getting it wrong, doing it again and so on, so all comments and criticisms will be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to getting stuck into some technical details in my second blog coming soon!


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